My Future!

Hello, the world I’m here today to talk about my future. Which, I doubt anyone cares about except me. But, here’s something I would want in my life, to bring purpose.


All About Me.

Hey, everyone my name is Kaylee, Welcome to my Blog! I’m here to tell you about me! So, something about me I favor most is my friends. As you can see six of my favorite people are in three of my pictures. Also, something else about me is, my favorite bands and singer are, My Chemical Romance, Bring Me The Horizon, and Lana Del Rey are just a few of my favorites. I also enjoy eating pizza while watching my favorite TV shows on Netflix which are, Supernatural, Dexter, American Horror story, SAO, Fairy Tail, The Walking Dead, and Attack On Titan. My favorite store is Hot Topic, where I buy all my favorite band merch. I’m clumsy, and socially awkward, and tend to fail at things.All About Me with Copyright & Fair Use- Kaylee Thompson-Yates

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